The Hidden Wiki – Explore the Dark Side

If you are looking for a hidden wiki on the dark web, you have come to the right place. The dark web is like the Mariana Trench of the deep sea. The dark web has many things and is often used for illegal activity. On the contrary, some people use the dark web to communicate anonymously and to access censored content.

Tor Browser

You will need a unique browser called Tor browser to access the dark web. Once you have installed it, you can start digging into the deep web. However, you must take the necessary steps to safeguard against the scams and dangers on the dark web.

As they are different ways to explore the dark web, the most common and easiest way among them is installing the Tor browser.

Tor browser gives the ability to browse hidden websites anonymously. Every technology has its good and bad sides. The dark side of the Tor browser is that it has been widely used by criminals and malicious actors.

To ensure safe browsing on the dark web, one must take necessary safety measures. The primary safety measures include installing an active anti-virus program on your computer.

Dark Web and Deep Web

The deep web is part of the internet, which basically resides behind a login.
For example, consider your banking website; the accounts can only be accessed if logged in. Not everyone can access it.

The dark web is the deepest part of the internet. The dark web is similar to the darkest part of the sea, where evil things happen. You may have heard of hackers selling stolen credit card details, hiring a hitman, or buying drugs. All this is considered to be dark web activities.

How to access the dark web

As the dark web is vast and unorganized, search engines like Google or Bing do not have to crawl those sites. Unique search engines, particularly designed for the dark web, can only index those sites as those sites will be running on the TOR network.

All the websites on the Tor network have a different format rather than .com domains. The websites on the TOR network are called Onion domains. They have an alpha-numeric string followed by a .onion string.

As no one controls the dark web, one should know what they are accessing beforehand. This is where hidden wiki plays an essential role in delivering the onion links for the users.

We request our users to take protect them against the horrors of the dark web. Installing a VPN is like wearing a helmet for a motorcycle ride. It can always save you during hard times.

Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki is considered the yellow pages for the dark and deep web. Hidden Wiki provides the list of websites needed for the users.

The authors of the hidden Wiki always check the Onion websites for scams and phishing.
The websites on the hidden Wiki can be accessed as the user wants, but we only recommend accessing it if you know what you are getting into. We list only active and verified onion links.

You can find all different kinds of shady websites and sensitive content.
We follow a policy of not listing any hitman or child porn links that can lead to any harm to humans.

But you can find the top search engines, darknet markets, different carding sites, and hosting links if you follow the topic below.

Uncensored 18+ Hidden Wiki on Tor  – wiki47qqn6tey4id7xeqb6l7uj6jueacxlqtk3adshox3zdohvo35vad.onion

Hidden Wiki Links

If you’re looking for some legitimate dark web links, here are a few starting points:

Commercial Markets

Hidden Search Engines

Email Providers

Forums / Social

Hosting / Software Services

Whistleblowing / News



We hope the above list helped anyone accessing the hidden wiki link. We always recommend our users install VPN and antivirus to safeguard your self against the evil side. If you want to be extra careful, you can use a separate laptop to access the dark web.